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Jiangsu Yancheng 50 smart manufacturing project plans a total investment of 8.49 billion yuan

Source :Suzhou Lite-On Technology     2016-12-14 11:12


Mechanical Robot Automotive Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Introduction

Yancheng to develop automotive, machinery, textile, chemical and other industries intelligent workshop development direction, and guide enterprises to combine the characteristics of the industry to speed up the pace of intelligent manufacturing, construction of 50 demonstration effect with the industry and promote the value of intelligent manufacturing projects. 50 intelligent manufacturing project plans a total investment of 8.49 billion yuan, 346 new industrial robots, reducing labor 1796 people.

The reporter learned from the Yancheng by the letter of the Committee was informed that this year Yancheng promote the rapid development of smart manufacturing, the city's 50 smart manufacturing project plans a total investment of 8.49 billion yuan, the new industrial robot 346 units to reduce labor 1796 1 to 8 months Built 48, of which 12 were completed, has completed an investment of 4.63 billion yuan, Le Chau technology with an annual output of 500 million smart phone workshop, Huifeng agricultural production with an annual output of 1,100 tons of the original drug production line, Huishan dairy with an annual output of 180,000 tons of dairy products Intelligent transformation of production lines and a number of intelligent projects have been completed and put into production. Cambridge coating, ocean precision forging, Feng Hai new energy, Johnson seat, Hua Jia food five smart shop project through the 2016 annual demonstration of intelligent workshop on-site audit.

Intelligent Manufacturing Robot Automotive Machinery Textile

Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province to promote the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing

Recently, the reporter entered the high-tech zones in Yancheng Xingyu Automotive Components Co., Ltd. intelligent workshop, the duty supervisor sitting in front of the intelligent monitoring display, with production instructions into the computer, a wall of the robot workshop immediately open, welding splash, Parts and Dongfeng Yueda Kia, FAW-Volkswagen and other corporate brand models supporting the precision automotive mold production line from the line off the assembly line. In recent years, Yancheng High-tech Zone from the equipment to start intelligent transformation, active docking "Made in China 2025", into the "Internet" tide of the times, vigorously implement the smart manufacturing three-year action plan to guide and encourage machine tools, auto parts and other traditional industries " Machine substitutions ". Up to now, Yancheng High-tech Zone has implemented 28 smart equipment renovation projects, the cumulative investment of 2.15 billion yuan, the emergence of a number of World Bell Auto Parts, Han Indian technology, constant machine tools, represented by intelligent factories, intelligent workshop.

Yancheng City, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the city's steady growth, structural adjustment, and promote the transformation of the important direction and the main starting point, focusing on intelligent equipment, intelligent production, intelligent services and other fields, cultivate key enterprises, the implementation of key projects to carry out pilot demonstration Creativity. The preparation of "Yancheng focus on promoting the use of intelligent equipment, new technology and new products directory" to guide enterprises to strengthen the research and development of intelligent equipment and industrialization. We will develop the direction of the intelligent workshop of the automobile, machinery, textile and chemical industries, and guide the enterprises to accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing with the characteristics of the industry and build 50 intelligent manufacturing projects with demonstration effect and popularization value. Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone based on the existing machinery and equipment manufacturing and electronic information technology industry base, and promote information technology and the depth of integration in various fields to promote the region's intelligent equipment manufacturing industry to achieve leap-style development. "Our research and development of intelligent vacuum handling manipulator, the first domestic compressed gas-driven, gas can easily handle steel and other items." The company's products that the level of intelligence, Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of the city Yu Bo Wang Sanxiang quite proud of . This year is the East Taiwan wisdom city construction special year. Dongtai to enter the national wisdom of the city as an opportunity to vigorously promote the wisdom of the development of this year, the introduction of 20 new views on the implementation of industrialization, the intelligent manufacturing as an important content, to take incentives to increase investment.

Reporters into the country machine group investment in the East Taiwan Sumida PV module workshop, the eye is the most advanced intelligent manufacturing line, "robot" is meticulously operating equipment, assembly products. Pavilion Lakes initiative to adapt to green development, intelligent manufacturing trend, bigger and stronger in the environmental technology city, photoelectric industrial park and other carrier platform, and carefully planning and construction of intelligent equipment to the development of the Qingyang intelligent equipment industrial park, New path, to build a new high, conversion of new energy, and strive to build a park with annual sales of over 10 billion yuan in the high-end industrial park. Intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the deep integration of information technology and industrialization is the industrial economy "corner overtaking" an effective path. Located in Jianhu County, Jiangsu Tsuen Hang Valve Co., Ltd. is an intelligent thinking of the Internet to create modern equipment manufacturing enterprises, companies use "Internet manufacturing" model, not only to promote the intelligent production mode, but also the product itself intelligent, more Promote product design, sales, improve the process of interaction, precision docking demand side. In the workshop of the machine before the machine operator, the workers according to the input system for the production of drawings, and the company's customers through the Internet, you can always see the whole operation of the workshop to complete the order. Tsuen flight valve through the "two" integration of the equipment manufacturing industry opened up new space for development.


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