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Light-cured coating technology upgrade to promote LED curing equipment research and development in d

Source :Suzhou Lite-On Technology     2016-12-14 11:12

The use of copper electrode instead of thin film circuit board connection, the module can increase the current load capacity of more than 10 times to solve the problem of printed circuit board film current limit, increasing the LED module drive current, the unit area of packaging power increased To 20 to 500 W / cm2. In the high-power integrated package, for the series-parallel combination provides more choices to more rational design of the lamp voltage and current parameters, reducing the design requirements of the drive power.

AlN plate as a copper plate between the positive and negative electrodes, copper electrode and the heat sink between the insulating layer, both to achieve a good insulation effect, but also to ensure efficient chip heat exports, thereby improving the LED module cooling characteristics. Moreover, the surface of the AlN plate does not need to be plated with a metal film, and the production process is simple, and the yield can be effectively improved and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.

In addition, the LED module package using self-made high-performance thermal plastic as a bonding material. The thermal conductivity of the thermal plastic can reach 120W / (m K) or more to ensure that the chip and the substrate, copper and AlN board between the heat transfer, reducing the internal thermal resistance of the package structure, and further optimize the LED module cooling performance.

Figure 3 is a self-developed floor coating LED UV curing system and light source module photos. This portable UV curing system with input power density up to 200W / cm2, total power 14kW, compact structure, easy operation, simple construction, can be well applied to a variety of floor curing treatment.

5, Conclusion

UV curing as a highly efficient and environmentally friendly green technology, in recent years have been rapid development and promotion. Especially with China's economic growth, UV curing applications there is a huge market potential. In this trend, the urgent need to develop high-power UV LED light curing system to meet the application requirements. Aiming at the technical difficulties in high-power LED module packaging, we have invented a sandwich packaging structure using copper plate and AlN plate, which effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of the high power LED module and improves the current carrying capacity of the module. Out of the kilowatt level above the UV LED light curing system.


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