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388 Ruoshui Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

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The company has a complete R & D, manufacturing, sales and service system, is committed to the electronics industry to provide specialized, high-performance high-end equipment and solutions. The company has become the industry's few industrial robots have the whole process assembly equipment R & D and manufacturing capabilities of the company, Lite-On Technology with intellectual property rights to win the initiative, to build its own global brand.
Our development of high-speed jet robot is the only blank to fill the domestic monopoly of foreign products to break. Has applied for, includingdispensing robots, dispensing curing device, dispensing system, including more than 30 patents; hot melt injection valve body, robot platform with 25 patent pending applications.
Our team has researched and researched the hot-melt dispensing robot and high-precision injection valve body with high intelligence, which can realize high precision, high speed, high intelligent production and repeat positioning accuracy for different environment and different product characteristics. Up to ± 0.01mm, continuous hot-melt jet, broken plastic decisive, easy maintenance, and the current price of foreign products is about 1/2, to achieve a cost-effective move. Has been successfully applied to the large-scale enterprise production lines. 
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    388 Ruoshui Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

Suzhou Gounbot Technology Co.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of R & D and sales of industrial adhesives, industrial lubricants, automation equipment, light curing equipment and specializes in the R & D of electronic process solutions and electronic system products. Service leaders.